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More than just food

We are a vertically integrated food solution provider

Lower cost, better quality

We take care of sourcing, storage, packing, distribution, and all the dots in between that connect great ingredients to great food. Direct from farms to kitchens means reducing middlemen that may not necessarily value add to the supply chain.

This not only means better margins for you but also greater clarity of responsibility.


Trusted relationship with farmers and suppliers ensures reliable access to traceable sources of ingredients

  • Quality is verified through site visits
  • Supports fair trade

Working closely with farmers and suppliers on unique ingredients, farming techniques and operation efficiency

  • Unique food product sourced from Singapore and around the region (MY, China, Australia) e.g. we have all year round, seasonal Japanese strawberries
  • Unique technology, e.g. vertical farming, farming automation

Store, Process & Pack

Reduce kitchen prep time and labour

  • Ready-to-cook ingredients processed and packed according to customized specifications and unique requirements for greater convenience.g. cut into pieces

State-of-the-art facility

  • Full cold chain capabilities ensures quality and freshness of produce
  • Warehouse Management System (WMS) allows us to pack orders in batches instead of processing them order by order. This include labelling the weight of each item accurately. Achieving overall speed and precision.

Order Delivery

Bulk purchase with sustainable volumes means lower MOQ and better prices

Ordering app that integrates all messaging platforms and compiles invaluable purchase info and provides real-time delivery updates are just some of the ways we’re using tech to simplify processes and reduce human error.

Options to purchase on credit to manage better cash flow.

24/7 operation for prompt delivery. Last mile delivery within-house capability.

  • Transport Management System (TMS) optimizes the load weight arrangement and plans the delivery routes of every truck gives you real time feedback to keep you updated on the delivery status of your order.

More than just food

We have a unified F&B cloud platform for modern food businesses

Satisfied customers, simpler operations.

A comprehensive and holistic solution for every stage of your F&B business, whether you are operating a restaurant or cloud kitchen, we are able to help you scale your business with technology.

Sourcing & Processing

Purchase produce direct from partner farms, processed to requirements

Restaurant Management

E-ordering, menu, queue management, kitchen display and inventory management

Procurement Marketplace

Buy from verified sellers across multiple verticals

AI & Data Analytics

Forecast demand, grow customer loyalty & automate transactions

Payment & Financing

POS terminal gateway transactions, e-wallets and micro financing for suppliers

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