Glife Technologies Pte Ltd - About Us

We are a food tech company growing a very specific product:

a better food future

As a vertically integrated food solutions provider, we take care of sourcing, storage, packing, distribution, and all the dots in between that connect great ingredients to great food. Here’s how.

Going direct with tech

We consolidate orders from multiple restaurants and source in bulk directly from farmers to reduce the number of times produce changes hands.

This makes possible stricter food standards, better cost control, and a lower risk of mishandling, damage, and contamination. This also assures demand for farmers who enjoy greater responsibility over the quality and safety of their produce.

Apps that keep track

From an ordering app that integrates all messaging platforms and compiles invaluable purchase info; a transport system that maximises truck loads and provides real-time delivery updates; to a warehouse system that packs orders by product line in batches—these are just some of the ways we’re using tech to simplify processes, take the guesswork out of operations, and reduce human error.

Systems that reduce
food waste

We’ve taken on this challenge in a few different ways. Our full cold chain facilities keep produce fresh before it’s processed, packed, and delivered in exact quantities.

This lets restaurants order just what they need which reduces the surplus that gets thrown out. We even developed a direct-to-consumer online marketplace for B2B farms hit by low demand during the pandemic—preventing more crops from going to waste while securing business continuity.

Business confidence driven by data

Our model brings the kind of business stability that comes from transparency and fair pricing for both our F&B and agricultural sector partnerships.

Establishments are assured of reliable supply from a variety of producers, a portfolio we’re growing even as we finalise plans on our own farm facilities. In addition to ensuring demand, we provide farms with reports to help them forecast and maximise resources.

From processes to apps to marketplaces, we’re using tech and vertical integration to close the gap between farms and restaurant kitchens, growers and taste-makers, patterns of consumption today and food security tomorrow.

Fairer, safer, more efficient, less wasteful this is the future of food in Southeast Asia, and we’re making it happen right now.

Our Vision

To be Southeast Asia’s leading vertically integrated food service ecosystem

Our Mission

Feed Southeast Asia sustainably by empowering and uplifting smallhold farmers and businesses with technology

Our Milestones


Glife started as a supplier
of fresh foods to restaurants
in Singapore


Developed farm to table
solution with in-house
distribution network & app


Added distribution centres
in Malaysia


M&A, key management level
hires and core team expansion

Management Team

Led by a team of veteran entrepreneurs
and experts in the F&B tech space

Justin Chou

CEO & Co-Founder

Serial entrepreneur, co -founder of GreenDot and executive director of food tech innovator Growthwell Holdings

Caleb Wu

Dy-CEO & Co-Founder

CFA Charter-holder and commercial finance veteran spearheading Glife’s regional expansion to >900 restaurants

Wayne Goh

CPO & Co-Founder

Entrepreneur, Forbes 30Under30 honouree and ex- founder of deals aggregator AllDealsAsia (acquired)

Chardy Wang


Entrepreneur, developer and consultant with over >20 years of experience in UI/UX, frontend and cloud technology

Benjamin Yang


Internationally sought-after
F&B profit strategist and CEO
of Novitee

Core Operation Team

Run by venture builders and supply-chain professionals with decades of experiece

Lexx Lim

Operations & Logistics
Director (SG)

Business veteran with >20
years experience in
operations and

Backed & advised by experienced, strategic investors

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