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future of food

We are a food tech company growing a very specific product: a better food future. Fairer, safer, more efficient, less wasteful—this is the future of food in Southeast Asia, and we’re making it happen right now.

Here's how

Quality and freshness powered by technology

Great food begins with great ingredients. Straight from the source, direct to your restaurant—all in a few clicks.

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What matters to you, matters to us.

From processes to apps to marketplaces, we’re using tech and vertical integration to close the gap between farms and restaurant kitchens, growers and tastemakers, patterns of consumption today and food security tomorrow.

Enabling the food businesses of the future, making it seamless to innovate

Source right ingredients at best prices on one platform

Processed ingredients delivered

Seamless browsing, queueing & order management (online and offline)

Frictionless payments & financing

Deep insights & forecasting

Menu insights & CRM

The benefits of an end-to-end, most complete F&B ecosystem for farmers, suppliers, merchants and restaurants.

Quality you can count on

Expect optimum quality and freshness through full cold chain capabilities and facilities and strict food standards that reduce the risk of mishandling, damage, and contamination.

Better costs by going direct

When you buy from us, we’ll consolidate your order with others to source in bulk directly from farmers. This means lower minimum order quantities, stable pricing, and supply chain savings.

Fighting food waste

Here’s how: by consolidating orders so you buy only what you need, and through semi-automated processes that wash, peel, cut, and package ingredients the way you want them.

On time all the time

Storage and delivery are efficient, automated, and driven by tech. Precision technology packs orders by product line in batches, while routes and weight loads are optimised for last mile delivery.

One platform makes it happen

Order, pay, and get it all delivered— one platform makes it seamless. You can also receive real-time delivery updates and track past orders and costs, with messaging apps all on the same platform.

Everything you need right here

One-stop marketplace connecting suppliers and restaurants in F&B industry for all sourcing and procurement needs. With more than 1000 SKUs including fresh produce from Glife’s partner network and suppliers.

Healthier cashflow projections

Seamless purchases and payments between both suppliers and customers. Providing micro financing solutions to F&B businesses to achieve win-win outcome.

An Optimised experience

End-to-end integrated technology solutions to help digitalize F&B businesses. For suppliers – supply chain automation with in-house EPR and Warehouse Management Systems. For merchants – e-ordering, menu, queue management, kitchen display and inventory management.

Towards a fairer, safer, more efficient, and less wasteful way to run food businesses. The future of food is in your hands.

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